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Fund Accounting (Churches and Ministries)

Anedot allows you to set-up different funds for your organization. The set-up for fund accounting depends on if you have one bank account or multiple bank accounts for your different funds.

For example, some churches have one bank account for their missions and building funds, while others have more than one. 

Here are instructions for both:


One Bank Account

HubSpot Video


1. Click Campaigns and click "Edit" on the campaign you want to collection contributions

2. Edit your form design to your desired look. 

3. Click the "Finance" tab and click "Items"

4. Click the + button to create an Item Group

4. Click the + Add Item button to add the different funds you want like a Missions or Building Fund.

5. Click Save

NOTE: You will not see the items on the campaign preview page and will need to open up the giving page to see them listed. 

EXPORT: When you export your contributions using the "Transactions" tab, the different funds contribution will be listed in a column so you know how much money was given to each fund.

Multiple Bank Accounts


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1. Click "Settings" then "Bank Accounts"

2. Add all of the bank accounts you want to use. 

3. Click "Campaigns"

4. Click "Edit" on the primary general giving page

5. Set-up the form how you want it set-up from a design perspective and click Save.

6. Clone the general giving page for other fund pages like Missions, Building, etc. You can set-up an unlimited number of campaigns for this purpose.

7. Set-up the new fund page how you want it set-up from a design perspective and click Save.

8. Copy the URL of the new fund page.

8. In the "Campaign Text" type in "To give to the Fund Name click here."

9. Highlight that text and paste the link of the new fund so it shows as a hyperlink.

10. Click Save

11. Repeat steps 6-10 for additional pages.

12. Send an email to help@anedot.com to tell us which campaign page needs to be pushed to which bank account.


NOTE: If you are struggling in any way with setting up these funds properly, please email our team at help@anedot.com and we can do this for you.