Failed Relays Report (Integrations)

We provide a relay export for our submission integrations that can help you troubleshoot why your integration is not working.

Here are instructions on how to access the failed relays report:

  1. Click on the Settings and then Integrations navigation bar tabs. 
  2. Click on the "X Connections" button below the integration that is not working
  3. Click on the Export Failed Relays button
  4. Open the Transaction Errors CSV and analyze the "Response" column.
    1. This column will outline the cause of the failed relay through the title, status, message, and statesCode.
    2. You should use this "HTTP response status codes" documentation to identify why your data did not pass through properly. 200-299 responses reflect that data was passed successfully. 400-599 responses will reflect data that was not passed properly and why. For example, 401 may reflect that you have incorrect login information for your integration.

Resending Relays

We track if a relay has failed and if a donation or submission has not been sent through the integration. 

Some integrations allow for you to push Donations inside Integrations. For those integrations, you can click "Push Unsent Donations."

For integrations that do not have the below option listed, it may require our team to assist you to do this. If so, please send an email to our team at so we can assist you!