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Export Configurations


Export configurations allow powerful customization of the output for transaction CSV exports. At the top of Transactions area, the dropdown menu next to the Export button allows you to select an export configuration. 

The Standard CSV option will always be present in the menu. Custom configurations can be created by clicking Manage next to the Export button. Custom configurations will appear in the dropdown menu. 

Export configurations are shared with other users of the Account so it is a good idea to provide descriptive configuration names and to communicate any changes to team members. Export configurations can be cloned from one account to another making it easier to use a consistent export scheme across multiple accounts if applicable.


Categories are groups of export columns that can be managed in an export configuration. Changing the order of categories in the Selected Categories collection will change the CSV files that the configuration creates. 

Categories in the Available Categories collection will not add columns to CSV files when the configuration is used. On the export configuration form, you can drag and drop categories inside or between the collections to achieve the desired organization of categories.

Tip: speed up exports by removing categories that are not needed in your exports. The exports will generate faster and your CSV files will be easier to use! 

Here are the currently available categories with the corresponding CSV column headers:


  1. Account (note: the values will be the account display name)


  1. Campaign (note: the values will be the campaign name)
  2. Campaign Identifier
  3. Campaign UID

Card Verification

  1. AVS Code
  2. AVS Message
  3. CVV Code
  4. CVV Message

Check Number

  1. Check Number




  1. Recurring (note: the values will be the frequency)
  2. Commitment UID
  3. Commitment Index

Custom Fields

  • A column for each custom field present in the exported transactions

Donation Information

  1. Donation Date
  2. Donation Amount

Donor Address

  1. Address Line 1
  2. Address Line 2
  3. City
  4. State
  5. Zip
  6. Country

Donor Contact

  1. Phone
  2. Email

Donor Name

  1. Title
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Initial
  4. Last Name
  5. Suffix

Donor Type

  1. Donor Type
  2. Organization

Employer and Occupation

  1. Employer
  2. Employer Address
  3. Employer City
  4. Employer State
  5. Employer Zip
  6. Occupation

Entry Amount

  1. Gross Amount
  2. Net Amount

Entry Information

  1. Number
  2. Processed Date
  3. Type
  4. Description

Fees and Markups

  1. Anedot Fee 
  •  A column for each distinctly named markup for contracted vendors


  • A column for each item field present in the exported transactions

Legal Statement

  1. Legal Statement

Payment Information

  1. Source Type
  2. Billing ZIP
  3. Card Type
  4. Card Last 4
  5. Card Exp. Date

Source Information

  1. UID
  2. Status


  1. Origin
  2. Referrer to form URL
  3. Referrer URL
  4. Source Code
  5. utm_campaign
  6. utm_content
  7. utm_medium
  8. utm_source
  9. utm_term
  10. Referred by


  1. Upsold From
  2. Upsold From UID
  3. Amount Upsell
  4. Cross-sell Upsell
  5. Recurring Upsell
  6. Recurring Upsell Amount 

Fixed Value Categories

Custom CSV columns that have the same value for every row can be added with fixed value categories. The Add Fixed Value Category button will add a new category where the column header and fixed value can be defined. As with other categories, a fixed value category can be dragged and dropped to change the position of the column in the resulting exports.

 Header Replacement

To customize the header name of any column, click the Add Header Replacement button to add a set of header replacement inputs. We recommend looking at an existing CSV export and copying and pasting the header name because it must match exactly for the replacement to work. Then provide the new header name that will be used from now on when the export configuration is used.

Note: you will need to ensure the "Header name to replace" exactly matches the header name you wish to replace. If you need help, export a file first, then copy the header name you wish to replace so you can paste it in this field.