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Event Ticketing Using Campaigns

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Did you know that you can use Anedot Campaigns for ticketing for your event? You can do that using our Items feature!

First, you will want to create a new campaign for your event. You should edit your donation page to look appealing for the event.

Please click the link here to learn  “How to Create the Perfect Donation Page.”

Once your donation page is designed the way you would like, you should click the Finance tab. From there, you can click Items. You will want to click the plus sign for the “Item Groups.” This is used to create separate sections for things like Individual Tickets vs. Sponsorships. 

So, let’s say we only have tickets for this event. You would select “Users Input Quantity,” type in Ticket, then select the dollar amount of the ticket. You can choose an unlimited number of different types of groups and items. For now, let’s add a couples price. Once you hit save, you can see the different options on the page. 

If you want someone to tell you their spouse’s name or food preferences, you can use the “Details” tab. As an example, you can add a Custom Field named “Spouse” as a text field.

Pro Tip: You should use the Campaign Text, Confirmation Message, and Automated Email Receipt Messages to remind your donors about the event details. This will help avoid unnecessary questions prior to the event.

When the event is coming up, you can see who has purchased tickets by clicking on the Transactions tab. You can filter by a specific campaign that you want to view. Then you can click export to download the data to a spreadsheet. From there, you can see all of the information collected on the donation page and build an event check-in list.

Please note that physical tickets are not sent to the donor and there will not be anything to scan at the door. You should have a list of those who have paid at the door to check them off the list.