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Edit Campaign: Receipt

You will first need to be on the Campaign Edit page. Here are instructions: Editing a Campaign

When editing campaigns, there are 6 sections of customization.

  1. Basic
  2. Design
  3. Finance
  4. Details
  5. Receipt
  6. More

Below is a screenshot of the Editing Campaign: Receipt page. From this page you can edit the following:

  • Receipt Header Image: We are currently testing the use of header images in transaction receipts. This feature may change or be removed completely at the end of its test. (NOTE: For best results, use a 640x200 image.)
  • Confirmation Message: Shown on screen once a transaction is completed.
  • Automated Email Receipt Message: Automatically sent to donor upon successful transaction.
  • BCC Address: Send email receipts to a BCC address.
  • Subject for Automated Email Receipt: Customize the subject of your automated receipts.
  • Reply-to Email Address: If someone replies to a receipt, the email address listed will receive that reply

Customizing Confirmation Message and Email Receipt:

You can personalize your messages by adding variables tags to your Confirmation Message and Email Receipt. Below are a list of variable tags currently available:

Edit Campaign: Receipt

"Hi , Thank you for your donation! That really helps us a lot."