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Edit Campaign: More

You will first need to be on the Campaign Edit page. Here are instructions: Editing a Campaign

When editing campaigns, there are 5 sections of customization.

  1. Basic
  2. Design
  3. Finance
  4. Details
  5. Receipt
  6. More

Below is a screenshot of the Editing Campaign:More page. From this page you can edit the following:

  • Callback URL(optional): Used to bypass default receipt page after successful transaction.
  • Google Analytics Property ID: Required for eCommerce transactions.
  • Google Tag Manager (Container ID) : Entering a container ID will disable Google Analytics events.
  • Facebook Pixel: Pixel ID
  • Connecticut Form Labels(optional): For CT campaigns. This changes the form labels to ‘Residential Address’ and ‘Principal Occupation’.
  • Default Source Code: Default value for URL donation source tracking.
  • Donor Recovery Message: Message sent to potential donors who did not complete the form. (create on Campaigns: Donor Recovery page)

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