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Edit Campaign: Design

You will first need to be on the Campaign Edit page. Here are instructions: Editing a Campaign

When editing campaigns, there are 6 sections of customization.

  1. Basic
  2. Design
  3. Finance
  4. Details
  5. Receipt
  6. More

Below is a screenshot of the Editing Campaign: Design page. From this page you can edit the following:

  • Form Layout: Select either Standard, Classic, or Story. 
  • Form Type: Choose Single Step or Multi Step. (for Standard and Story Layouts only)
  • Form Alignment: Left, Center, Right (Story Layout- Left/Right only)
  • Colors: Edit your form's Primary Color, Secondary Color, Main Background color, Header Background Color, Header Text Color, Footer Background Color, and Footer Text Color.
  • Campaign Video: Note: video must be hosted on Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube.
  • Images: Add a header or background image to your form.
  • Header Image URL: Link your header image to an external URL.

Message us if you have any questions!