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Edit Campaign: Basic

You will first need to be on the Campaign Edit page. Here are instructions: Editing a Campaign

When editing campaigns, there are 6 sections of customization.

  1. Basic
  2. Design
  3. Finance
  4. Details
  5. Receipt
  6. More

Below is a screenshot of the Editing Campaign:Basic page. From this page you can edit the following:

  • Status: Pause or Re-activate your campaign.
    See the Pausing Campaigns help ticket for more details.
  • Campaign Name
  • Internal Identifier: Optional: For internal tracking (formerly Custom Identifier)
  • Campaign Text: Optional: provide call to action text or other descriptive text for your donors.
  • Embed Details: Turn on/off embed details. If on, campaign name, description and progress on embedded campaigns will be shown.
  • Campaign Slug: The campaign slug along with the base URL and your account slug make up your Campaign Share URL.Campaign slugs must only use lower case letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes, underscores.
  • Parent Campaign: Create a top level campaign (TLC) or group similar campaigns as sub-campaigns of a TLC.
  • Meta Information- Page Title/Page Description
  • Sharing: Display buttons for sharing the campaign on social networks. Add FaceBook/Twitter share message/image.
  • Skip to the Site URL: Turn your donation form into a landing page by adding a button to allow users to skip to site.
  • Campaign Disclaimer: You can now override your account-wide Campaign Disclaimer at the campaign level. This will be displayed at the bottom of hosted forms. 

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