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Adding a new deposit schedule

Anedot customers use deposit schedules to transfer donations collected from their Anedot account to their bank account. They can set a deposit schedule to every 2-business days, weekly, or monthly. 

You can have more than one deposit schedule, but the deposit schedule with a green icon to the left will be your default schedule. This is where transfers will be sent if you do not have a custom schedule on a fund or page. Please edit this schedule if your intention is to replace an existing bank account and do not create a new schedule. To learn more about that, please review this help article

Anedot donations immediately show up in an Anedot account. If there is $50 or more inside an Anedot account, then the money will transfer to the bank account on the deposit schedule.


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  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the Settings button
  3. Click on the Finance button
  4. Click Deposit Schedules
  5. Click Edit next to your bank or "Add schedule"
  6. Name your deposit schedule after your fund
  7. Choose your bank account
  8. Choose a page you will use for the fund
  9. Choose to deposit every month, week, or 2-business days
  10. Click Add Schedule

NOTE: Each ACH transfer of funds will show up as a credit on your bank statement between two to five business days depending on the issuing bank.