Crimson by CMDI is a political CRM for Republican campaigns, committees, PACs, and organizations of all sizes. Anedot's integration with Crimson sends data collected from Anedot pages to the Crimson system.

How to Set-Up the Integration

Screen Recording 2021-06-14 at 7.10.16 PM
  1. Login to your user profile and choose your account.
  2. Click Settings in the Navigation bar.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Click "Connect" under Crimson
  5. Choose a New Campaign or Action Page Webhook. Note that a separate Webhook will need to be set up for each if you're using both.
  6. Choose All Pages or a specific page.
  7. Enter your Crimson token (Pro-tip: Contact Crimson support for your token)

The data collected for Crimson is extremely similar to our webhooks.

If you want more documentation on the integration, you can access them here: 

Action Pages: Webhooks

Campaigns: Webhooks