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Closing an Anedot Account

Campaigns end, causes complete, non-profits close. When this happens, you may need to close your Anedot account. 

First, you should decide if you want to pause or close your account. 

Pausing an Account

If you are taking a break with fundraising or are using another platform to raise money, then you should consider pausing your account. Pausing your account prevents any donations from being collected and will ensure your pages are not shown publicly.

If you would like to pause an account, you can do so here:

Pausing Your Account or Specific Campaign


Closing an Account

If your committee or organization is no longer active, then you should reach out to our team to disable your account.

Currently, only Anedot agents can disable or close an account. Please email help@anedot.com, and we'll help close things out here at Anedot for you.