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Bulk commitment import

Recurring commitments can be created as part of a bulk transaction import.

You can use the transaction import tool to also import recurring commitments. This template CSV file is the format you should use to import recurring commitments.

To learn more about donation batch importing, please check out this Help article.

A correct donation row including donation 'Amount In Dollars' which will be processed as a one-time donation. To import a single donation without a Commitment: all three Commitment fields may be left blank.

Values Format

    1. Commitment Amount In Dollars: Dollars ≥ $1 in the format 1 or 1.00 
    2. Commitment Start Date: a date in the future defining the first date to capture a recurring donation.  Format YYYY-MM-DD for example 2022-04-13. 
    3. Commitment Frequency: one of the following values once, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, yearly. Frequency begin recurring in the defined interval.
      1. Example with a Commitment Start Date 2022-04-13 and Commitment Frequency of 1 month: the first recurring donation with occur 4-13, second 5-13, 6-13...