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Bulk commitment import

Recurring commitments can be created as part of a bulk transaction import.


  1. A correct donation row including donation 'Amount In Dollars' which will be processed as a one-time donation.
  2. Inclusion of all three commitment columns in template.

    Commitment Amount In Dollars

    Commitment Start Date

    Commitment Frequency

  3. Correctly formatted values
    1. Commitment Amount In Dollars: Dollars ≥ $1 in the format 1 or 1.00 
    2. Commitment Start Date: a date in the future defining the first date to capture a recurring donation.  Format YYYY-MM-DD for example 2022-04-13. 
    3. Commitment Frequency: one of the following values once, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, yearly. Frequency begin recurring in the defined interval.  Example with a Commitment Start Date 2022-04-13 and Commitment Frequency of 1 month: the first recurring donation with occur 4-13, second 5-13, 6-13... 
  4. To import a single donation without a Commitment: all three Commitment fields may be left blank.