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Fundraiser: Bank Accounts vs. Deposit Schedules vs. Funds

Bank Accounts, Deposit Schedules, and Funds all impact how you disburse and track your donations

As you're using Anedot, you may need to send funds to multiple bank accounts and track different initiatives separately. It's important to understand how "Bank Accounts," "Deposit Schedules," and "Funds" function to properly do this. 

Bank Accounts

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You can access your bank accounts by going to Settings -> Finance -> Bank Accounts.

Multiple bank accounts can be added to an account. However, adding a bank account does not attach it to any particular page or initiative. It simply makes it available to be used for a Deposit Schedule.

Deposit Schedules

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You can access your deposit schedules by going to Settings -> Finance -> Deposit Schedules.

Your default Deposit Schedule is the one with the green indicator to the left. If you are only using one bank account and need to change it, you should add the new one, edit the deposit schedule with the green market next to it, and then change the Bank Account from the drop-down. You can then delete the old bank account. You should not create a new deposit schedule in this instance.

Deposit schedules are used to tell Campaigns and funds where to send a donation. You are giving the Anedot system instructions on where to send the money when it is collected.


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You can access your funds by going to Settings -> Finance -> Funds. 

Funds is an Action Pages specific feature and does not work with Campaigns. Funds allow you to track donations for specific initiatives separate from the page and the bank account. Each fund is attached to a Deposit Schedule. You will want to connect a previously created Deposit Schedule to your Fund.

With Action Pages, you can connect one or more funds to a page at the page level.