Aristotle Campaign Manager is a leading cloud-based political campaign management software. Anedot's integration with Aristotle sends data collected from Anedot pages to the Aristotle Campaign Manager or 360 systems.

Anedot Instructions

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  1. Login to your user profile and choose your account.
  2. Click Settings in the Navigation bar.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Click "Connect" under Aristotle
  5. Choose a New Campaign or Action Page Integration. Note that a separate connection will need to be set up for each if you're using both.
  6. Choose All Pages or a specific page.
  7. Enter your Aristotle Access token (Pro-tip: Contact Aristotle support for your token)

Example Payload

"address1"=>"4620 1305th Ave SE",

Aristotle Import Queue

All donation data will flow directly into your Aristotle Import Queue.

To find your import queue, please visit:

There are several options available on how to handle each transaction record:

Import into Matching Record
Import into New Record
Delete and Do Not Import
Skip for Now.

After you select your choice for each record, click "Import queue".

To connect the setting_id from Aristotle, you should save that field as the Fund Internal Identifier inside Anedot.