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Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now live for all Anedot customers!




1. Do I need to do anything to enable Apple Pay on my account?

Nope! Apple Pay is automatically live.


2. Who will see the option for Apple Pay? 

Anyone on a Safari web browser who has not previously donated before or has donated but does not have a DonorID will see the option to use Apple Pay. If someone has donated with a credit card before, a one-tap donation through Anedot will still be their quickest way to give. Apple Pay works on Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones. 


3. I am a political customer and do not see Apple Pay as an option. Why is that?

For security purposes, Apple Pay functions in standalone, hosted forms. Apple Pay sees embedded forms as a security risk and will not allow it to be enabled on embedded forms. This is one of many reasons we encourage you to use hosted forms.

If you run into another situation where you do not see Apple Pay as an option, please contact us at help@anedot.com.