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Action Pages vs. Campaigns

Learn the differences between Action Pages and Campaigns

Inside Anedot, you may see tabs like "Action Pages," "Finance," "Campaigns," "Commitments," "Transactions," and "Settings" and wonder what they all mean. Here's an explanation of our Action Pages vs. Campaigns product.

Action Pages

Action Pages is our new product that was released for public beta in October 2020. It allows you to build both donation pages and non-donation lead pages (surveys, petitions, etc) with a user-friendly page builder. We built Action Pages to be very scalable, flexible, and user friendly. It's our modern product that we see as the future of no-code page building. You can manage your Action Page donations under the "Transactions" tab and Action Page recurring donations under the "Finance" tab. Eventually, all of this will be housed in the Finance tab.


Campaigns is our legacy product that served us well for the first 10 years of Anedot's history. While Campaigns is a very stable and solid product, we felt that building a more modern and flexible interface was important to serve our customers in the best way possible. While we do not have a hard timeline, eventually, Action Pages will fully replace Campaigns and we will sunset the Campaigns product. However, we will not do this until Action Pages has every feature that is currently in the Campaigns product. We are 90% of the way there and we look forward to providing the best experience on Action Pages. If you are using Campaigns, you can manage your Campaigns donations under the "Transactions" tab and Campaigns recurring donations under the "Commitments" tab. 

What does this mean for you? 

You can use either product right now depending on your preferences and needs. Please be aware though that all new integrations will be released for Action Pages and not Campaigns. Eventually, we will look to transition all of our customers to Action Pages. If you want to make that change sooner, you can email our team at help@anedot.com and we can assist you in transitioning your Campaigns pages into Action Pages.