Action Pages: Editing a Lead Page


Anedot Lead Pages are used to collect information without collecting a donation on that page. This can include an email list signup, petition, survey, or a petition. 

Getting Started

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Log in to your user profile and select your organization's account. Then click Action Pages in the Navigation bar. If you need help finding the Action Pages area, please refer to the Getting Around article.

Pro-Tip: Click the "Create Page" button at the top right-hand corner of the Action Pages home page to create a new lead page. 

Or, to edit an existing page, click on the name of the Lead page you would like to edit.

The Lead page edit menu will be at the top of the page in the white bar. 

There are four sections for customization: 

  1. Page
  2. Messages
  3. Settings
  4. Share

Each of these categories has multiple sections for you to edit your page. Click on the respective hyperlink to learn how to edit that page! 


1. Content

2. Form

3. Design


1. Recover

2. Receipt


1. Analytics

2. Custom CSS

3. Page URL

4. SEO

5. Social Settings


1. Copy your URL Link