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Action Pages: Content

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Getting Started 

First, you will need to log in to your user profile and select your organization's account. Then click Action Pages in the Navigation bar. 

Once you're in the Action Pages home page, here are the steps to design the content on your page: 

  1. Click on the name of the page that you would like to edit. This will bring you to the editor.
  2. Once in the editor, at the top, there should be 4 button options: Page, Messages, Settings, and Share. Click on the Page button. 
  3. Once on the Page tab, click Content on the right-hand side. 

On this tab, you can drag and drop the elements on to your form. 

You can add as many of the blocks in whatever order you'd like, except for the Timer, there can only be one of those blocks. These blocks include Text, Divider, Image, Video, and Timers. 

Once you drag the block to where you'd like on the page, you can edit the content within the block by clicking on it.