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Action Pages: Adding Analytics to Individual Pages

Here’s how you can add tracking codes for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixels at the page level for Action Pages:

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Getting Started 

First, you will need to log in to your user profile and select your organization's account. Then click Action Pages in the Navigation bar. 

Once you're in the Action Pages tab, here are the steps to edit your page's Analytics codes: 

  1. Click on the name of the page that you would like to share. This will bring you to the editor.
  2. Once in the editor, at the top, there should be 4 button options: Page, Messages, Settings, and Share. Click on the Settings button. 
  3. Once on the Settings tab, click Analytics on the right-hand side. 

This will be useful if you want to track where your data comes from. You can add your Google Analytics Property ID, for Facebook Pixel ID, or a Default Source Code to analyze the traffic on your Action Page. 

Note: If you want to learn about our tracking capabilities more broadly, take a look at our Analytics, Tags, and Tracking help article.