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Action Pages: Action Recovery

Action Recovery allows your organization to send a message to people who fill-in some information but do not complete a form.

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Getting Started

Log in to your user profile and select your organization's account. Then click Action Pages in the Navigation bar.

You can add Action Recovery messages directly inside an Action Page!
You should:

  1. Click the page you want to add an Action Recovery message to
  2. Click "Messages" 
  3. Click "Create new Recovery Message" or "Customize"

On this page you can edit: 

  • The internal name of the message
  • Message Subject for Email
  • Choose the time period you want to delay your message from the drop-down menu
  • Type the message you want the recipient to read in their message
  • And the text you want to appear as the link to your Action Page
  • Click Save
Variable tags are available in this section. The tags available for use are: account_name, first_name.