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ACH Transactions (E-Check)

Anedot can help you process physical checks through our platform using Automated Clearing-House (ACH) transactions. There are no limits on the number of transactions per day or dollar amount. Anedot ACH transactions work for every bank.

Please note that large ACH donations on public pages may require a bank account verification by the donor. This is done to prevent fraud and potential chargebacks.

Finding Bank Account Information on a Check


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Donor Direct Contributions


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1. A donor will go to your donation page.

2. Donor will select the donation amount, type in their information, and select Bank Draft.

3. Donor will type in their bank account information.

4. Donor will click to Donate.


Internal Processing


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1. Click Campaigns

2. Choose the campaign you have set-up to process checks

3. Enter all of the donor's information.

4. Enter their check information under "Bank Draft"

5. Click Charge to process the donation


After the donation:

1.  Write VOID on check

2.  Save check for 120 days




Voided ACH transactions

If you would like to learn more about Issuing Refunds and Voids, you can do so here:

Issuing Refunds and Voids


Returned eCheck Fee

Returned eChecks will result in a $2 fee. It may take up to 5 days for eChecks to be returned after they are initially processed.