Managing Users

You may invite an unlimited number of users to your Anedot account.

To invite a user, enter the user’s personal email address within the Invite User field. Then select their access level (see descriptions below). Click Send Invite.

If the user is new to Anedot and does not yet have an AnedotID, they will be sent an email invite. Within the email, they will access the link to create their own AnedotID. The AnedotID will need to be created using the same email the user was invited with. 

If you are inviting a user to your account that has an existing AnedotID, once successfully invited, your account will appear in their Account List within their personal AnedotID dashboard.

Standard Access

  • Action Pages: View, Edit

  • Finance: View Transactions and Commitments

  • Relationships: View and Edit Contacts

  • Integrations: View

Admin Access

  • Action Pages: View, Edit, Export

  • Finance: View, Edit, and Export Transactions and Commitments

  • Billing Agreements: View

  • Relationships: View, Edit, and Export Contacts

  • Access Management: Edit Users, Edit Connected Accounts

  • Account Management: Edit Account Details and Configuration, Bank Accounts, and Funds

  • Integrations: View, Edit, and Export

Super Admin

  • Super Admin have access to all tools and settings available to an Anedot account. Only Anedot staff can assign or remove Super Admin access for a user. Please contact us at for further assistance. 

Unable to find the access level you need? Check out the Managing Permission Sets guide below to create custom access levels.