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Viewing your account activity is made simple within Transactions.

Here are all the areas you can access in Transactions :

  1. Filter: Filter your donations by date, page, name, address, and more. When you filter the donations, you may export just the filtered information as opposed to all of the information in your database.

  2. Import: You can import past donations and recurring commitments. Click the button at the bottom to learn more about how to import!

  3. Export: You can export your data to CSV or PDF

    1. CSV: With CSV format, you can customize the columns you want in your spreadsheet and export them.

    2. PDF Detailed: The detailed format allows you to look at each donation individually in a format that looks very similar to a receipt.

    3. PDF Summary: This gives you a summary of all of your data over a period of time.

  4. Downloads: Once you are done exporting, you can find your export inside the Downloads area.

  5. New Transaction: If you have collected a check or other information and need to enter it into Anedot, you can do this inside the New Transaction area. This is better than using the public pages as your browser will not save the cookies.

  6. View Transactions/Transfers: When you scroll over a donation or transfer, you can click to view them individually.

  7. View Balance: When you filter by donations, you can see your balance in the bottom left-hand corner.

Please click a tile below if you would like to learn more about one of these areas!