Stripe → Anedot

Steps to successfully migrate recurring donors to Anedot from Stripe without bothering your donors. 

  1. The administrator of your Stripe account must log in to Stripe and give Stripe permission to migrate the Stripe tokens to Anedot. You will need to provide: 

    • Anedot Public PGP Encryption Key 

    • Anedot PCI Attestation Letter

  2. Email and notify our team that you plan to migrate recurring donors to Anedot. 

  3. Stripe will upload the encrypted PAN information to their sFTP where Anedot will retrieve it.

  4. While the initial token migration is taking place, you should prepare a file for Anedot that includes donor information and recurring information. This information is required to successfully complete a migration.

    • Donor Information

      • name, 

      • address, 

      • email, 

      • phone, 

      • employer, 

      • occupation, 

    • Recurring Details

      • amount, 

      • frequency, 

      • recurring 

      • date 

  5. Once Anedot has the payment data and recurring information, Anedot will match the Tokens from Stripe with the recurring data from the Customer.

  6. After the data has been imported and aligned, Anedot will inform you when to stop all future recurring transactions in Stripe. This is to ensure that we do not double-bill a donor (Stripe + Anedot collectively). 

  7. Once the customer has acknowledged that recurring donations have stopped in Stripe, we will start recurring in Anedot.