Restricted Action Pages

A minimalist version of the Action Page form to facilitate fast donation entry and processing by accounts for large customers operating with a call center or internal CRM.

Restricted Action Pages are intended to be used internally by large customers to facilitate fast donation entry and processing by accounts. They are a minimalist version of an Action Page and should only be used in a caging environment. 

If you believe this feature would be helpful to you, please reach out to and our technical support team will assist you. 


  1. These pages have a minimalist styling and are meant to be embedded.

  2. Only amount, monthly recurring and credit card inputs are displayed. Credit card CVC field is not required.

  3. On page load focus is set to the credit card number for quick data entry.

  4. Donor information is seeded to the form via url parameters.

  5. On successful form submission the form will redirect to the callback url specified in page settings. This is done via javascript so as to redirect the parent of the iframe the page is embedded in.

Setup and Usage

  1. Anedot must enable this option on a per page basis.

  2. The page must have a callback URL set.

  3. To access the restricted page append /restricted to the base url of the normal donation page.

  4. Sufficient donor information must be passed via url parameters to successfully submit the form. Errors will display indicating missing data after hitting submit (the form will be redisplayed as well).