Refunds and Voids

Voids: Fees are returned if a void is made before 8 PM EST on the same day the transaction was processed.

Refunds: We do not charge to process a refund, but Card Associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and PayPal never refund transaction fees, so while there are no additional fees to refund, the cost associated with the transaction has already occurred. The donor would receive the funds back to their original payment method and the account will be responsible for the initial processing fees of the transaction.

If a refund is issued on a transaction where the supporter covered the fees, via the Donor Pays Fees feature, the total amount of the transaction is returned to the supporter. The account is then responsible for the total fees.

If a refund cannot be processed via Anedot, the account would need to issue the refund to the donor via check or another form of payment. 

Donors may initiate a chargeback directly with their card company. Chargebacks will incur an additional $15 fee per disputed transaction. The risk of chargebacks is increased if a refund is refused or we do not receive your reply in a reasonable amount of time. For more information regarding Chargebacks and Disputes, click the Chargeback and Disputes button below.

Direct Debit (ACH/eCheck) and PayPal transactions must be refunded by Anedot staff.

Contact our team here for further assistance.