PayPal is a streamlined way to donate to causes. PayPal is available for all Anedot customers; no effort is required, and you do not need a PayPal account to accept donations. We handle things like "SDK," encryption, Content-Security-Policy settings, and enablement so you can focus on your supporters!

PayPal will automatically appear on your donation forms where available.

PayPal FAQ's

  1. How do I connect my PayPal account?

You will not connect your PayPal account to Anedot when fundraising. PayPal is treated just like any other payment method like credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Donations made through PayPal will show up in your Anedot account balance and then the funds will be transferred from Anedot to your bank account.

  1. Can a donor use their PayPal balance before their payment method?

Yes, a donor can use their PayPal balance before giving through their credit card or bank account

  1. I don't want to collect PayPal donations. How can I turn it off?

You can turn off any payment method using Settings -> Finance Presets. You may also turn off payment methods at the page level by going to Action Pages -> Actions -> Edit -> Finance -> Overrides.