Pausing an Anedot Account

You can pause an Anedot account at any time. Pausing your account will disable access to all active pages, will prevent existing commitments from processing, and will prevent transfers from your Anedot account to your bank account.

If you would like to close your Anedot account or need to push your account balance, please contact us here.

Access Paused Account

Once you have paused an account, it will be hidden on your Fundraising Account list. To access the paused account, click the Gear icon listed under Fundraising Accounts. Next, check the box that reads Show paused/disabled. You will then be able to access your paused account successfully.

Unpause an Account

Once you have accessed your paused account successfully, locate the Settings tab within your account dashboard. Under Settings, access Other Actions: Pause Account. Finally, click Unpause Account. Your account will then return to active status in real time.