You can use Actions to edit a page, duplicate a page, create internal submissions, pause and delete pages, and view submissions.

Scroll down to learn about each of these options!

Edit a Page

Editing a page allows you to customize your Action Page without needing to know any code.

Clone a Page

Cloning a page makes a direct copy of the page being cloned.

If you already have a well-designed page and want to create a new page quickly, this is your best bet to start building your new page!

Internal Submissions

Do you need to submit a form completion or donation that were made offline? No problem!

You can use internal submissions to submit information without worrying about it saving to your web browser.

Pause and Delete Pages

When an initiative or event ends, you may want to close the ability for someone to donate.

You can do this by pausing and archiving pages, which removes them from your list.

View Submissions

You should use the Finance tab to manage your donations.

However, you can use the View Submissions area to see submissions from all types of Action Pages.