Constituent Codes

Additional Constituent Codes can be added to the constituent.  To enable, create in your Raiser's Edge instance Constituent Code Types of "Organization" and "Donor" if they do not already exist.  These will be the standard values for all constituents. Additionally, create a code type that you prefer to use for constituents who have commitments that have a monthly recurrence (eg: "Monthly Contributor").  Once created, copy the value of this constituent code ("Monthly Contributor" in the example) and enter that value in form when creating your RE integration in Anedot (this goes in the "Constituent Code for Monthly Donors" input).

Additionally, you may assign a preferred gift subtype to be relayed with the gift to denote that the gift itself is from a commitment (eg: "Recurring Gift Payment").  This subtype should be first created in your RE instance and then added to the RE integration in Anedot via the "Gift Subtype for Recurring Gifts" input.