Planning Center

Planning Center provides church management software.

To connect Anedot to Planning Center, you should go to Settings -> Integrations inside your Anedot account.

Planning Center App ID and App Secret

To find your Planning Center App ID and App Secret, go to:

Scroll down to “Personal Access Tokens”.  You will need to create a new access token for use with Anedot.

Click on “New Personal Access Token”, and fill out the form.

Once saved, you’ll be able to copy/paste your App ID and App Secret from PlanningCenter to our integration form.

Planning Center Batch ID

To locate your Batch ID, click on “developer API” to activate the drop-down menu, and click Giving. When on the giving page, click Batches.

You will need to use an existing batch or create one. In either case, click on the batch you’d like to use. The Batch ID can be found in the url. It is the numeral after the last slash in the url.