Blackbaud Raiser's Edge

Anedot supports relay of Action Page submissions to Raiser's Edge constituents, gifts.

Here are the steps to connect Anedot to Blackbaud:

Connect the Anedot App to Your Blackbaud Account

An admin for your organization should visit the applications page inside Raiser's Edge NXT. This page is accessible from the Control Panel menu within the product.

Select Connect App then paste Anedot's application ID 1d57b776-f0c1-46be-976e-3f65e813a5ef.

Click Save and then Anedot will be shown on the Connected Apps tab.

Add Required Fields in Raiser's Edge

Check your Raiser's Edge code table entries for the following required fields, add them if necessary.

  • Phone Type: "Cell"

  • Address Type: "Individual"

  • Email Type: "Email"