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Webhooks (API)

Anedot can post Action Page submission, donation, and commitment data to other applications in realtime when there's a change in your account.

Webhooks allow an application to be notified of changes in Anedot. They are intended to provide an efficient way for integrations that react to creations or state changes in Anedot.  Allow your integration to take action only when something is created or changed.

You will need to setup an endpoint URL to accept POST JSON requests.

Webhook Objects

  • Submission - Immutable required container with lead information, and 1 or more donation entries if available.

  • Donation - Immutable, hosted gift, recurrence of a commitment, or payment.

  • Product - Immutable product description optional associated with a donation and submission.

  • Commitment - Mutable optional commitment from donor to be charged on a scheduled interval.