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QuickBooks Online

The Anedot integration with Quickbooks Online pushes Action Pages donation data into a customer's Quickbooks Online account.

You can start to connect Anedot to QuickBooks by going to Settings>Integrations inside your Anedot account.

Connect Anedot Inside QuickBooks

After you connect Anedot to QuickBooks inside Anedot, you will be redirected to the Intuit website to select which company you are connecting.

You should login to your QuickBooks account, select your company, and connect to Anedot.

Once you click Connect, you will be redirected back to the Anedot site, which will show your successfully created integration

Example Payloads and Donations

User Creation

{:DisplayName=>"Doctor Martin Luther King Junior",
:PrintOnCheckName=>"Doctor Martin Luther King Junior",
{:Line1=>"501 Auburn Ave NE",
:Line2=>"Apt 1",

Donation Submission

CustomerRef: { value: 42 },
Line: [
Amount: 3.5,
Description: "Anedot Donation d33515081e6c5e66b90a4",
DetailType: "SalesItemLineDetail",
SalesItemLineDetail: { ServiceDate: "2021-07-04" }
TxnDate: "2021-07-04"