Export Financial Data

Download your financial data in CSV or PDF format to easily analyze and import data for reporting.

To export your data, access the Finance>Transaction tab from the main menu bar in your account dashboard. Click the Export button in the upper right corner of the Transactions page. Select between CSV, PDF Detailed, and PDF Summary as your preferred method. Your export will then be made available to download.

CSV: This format includes full transaction details. Use CSV to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet. This format is ideal for when you need to customize the data or upload the information into another system for reporting.

PDF Detailed: This format includes full transaction details. The detailed format allows you to look at each donation individually in a format that is similar to a receipt. This will download a one page record per donor, and is ideal when printing the records is necessary.

PDF Summary: This format includes a brief overview of transaction details, including the transaction date, donor name, amount and fees. This is ideal for when you need a quick summary of your transaction data for printing, event lists or record keeping.