Donation Batch Import

The donation batch import tool enables you to submit multiple donations at once by uploading a file. That file must match the import template and no columns can be deleted or changed.

We have a pre-validation system to ensure that the file will import all of your donations properly.

Batch File Specifications

The template CSV file is the format you should use to import donations.

A CSV file should be sufficient for most users. For more complicated use cases, you can upload a JSON file instead. Reach out to us if you need details on how to use a JSON file instead of a CSV file.

Details for specific fields

Date: Date of the original donation authorization from donor.

  • must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD

Amount in Dollars: Total amount of donation.

  • Donations must be ≥ $1

  • Any value that we can parse is valid. $1.00, $1, and 1 will all work the same. 

Source: Type of payment must be one of the following:

  • credit_card

  • bank_account

  • cash

  • check

  • in_kind

Donor Type: Can be left blank or be one of the following:

  • individual 

  • organization

State: Must be two characters.

  • Example: TX = Texas; LA = Louisiana

Phone: Phone number must only include digits (no characters). ex: 1112223333

Card Code: This is the verification number on the back of the credit card.

Card Month: This is the card expiration month in 2-digit MM format, although a leading 0 is not required for 1-digit months.

Card Year: This is the card expiration year in 4-digit YYYY format.

Validation Messages

The pre-validation system checks to ensure that the imported donations will be logged or processed.

Successful Import

Incorrect Header/Column Name

Duplicate Transactions

Improperly Formatted Fields