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Get started building your first Donation Page and set up an SMS Keyword by completing Onboarding to start fundraising ASAP!

Once your account has been activated, click the red Complete Onboarding for Action Pages button from your account Dashboard.

Onboarding is quick and simple! Within Onboarding you will customize the following:

  • Account URL Slug

  • SMS Keyword Click here to learn more!

  • Timezone

  • Logo

  • Payment Methods

  • Donor Covers Fees Click here to learn more!

  • Form Requirements (Employment, Disclaimer, Etc.)

  • Invite Users

Once completed, a Share URL, QR Code, and SMS Keyword and Phone number will be provided.

You can copy the Share URL to connect your Donation Page to your website, social media, emails, and texts.

Continue to the guides below for further assistance completing Onboarding or access the Edit an Action Page to make further customizations to your Donation Page!