Table of contents

Action Pages Builder

Action Pages Builder is our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page builder. It gives you the freedom to build your pages, your way, without needing to know any code. Gather the data that you need and create beautiful pages to seamlessly flow with your existing marketing themes.

Inside the Builder, we have:

  1. Page Name: Edit the page name by clicking on it.

  2. Share: Copy your share link, receive the code to embed a page on your website, and download the QR code for that page.

  3. Publish: Save changes to your page and publish it publicly.

  4. Editor: Change the content, add images, and customize your colors.

  5. Finance: Change the amounts, funds, and recurring options on a page

  6. Form: Collect any information you need including Name, Email, and Phone Number.

  7. Add-ons: Edit your receipt, add upgrades, and set your abandoned actions message.

  8. Settings: Set up your Analytics, customize your Page URL, and update your social share settings.

Click below to learn about the Editor, Form, Finance, Add-Ons, and Settings tabs!