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Preset Amounts

Add Preset Amounts to your Donation Page to encourage specific gift amounts and reduce donor effort!

Click the Enable Presets button to add Preset Amounts. $25, $50, $100, and $200 will auto-populate as Preset Amounts.

To change these amounts, click within the individual Amount field and type a new amount.

Alternatively, you can click the Trash icon next to each amount to remove the Amount Preset button.

To add additional Preset Amounts, click the + Add Amount button. You can then add your custom Amount to the field.

To add a Description to the Amount Preset, click the Note icon.

To Reorder the Preset Amounts, click the Reorder icon to maneuver a Preset Amount above or below other Preset Amounts.

Select Yes within the Allow other amounts field to allow supporters to enter a custom donation amount. Select No if you would like to prevent custom donation amounts.

To highlight a specific Preset Amount button, select an Amount from the dropdown list under the Feature Amounts (optional) field. By selecting an Amount, the Preset Amount button will be highlighted and include a Star icon. You may also add a Popular label to the button by selecting Popular from the Label dropdown.