PayPal is a popular way to pay online. Anedot's integration with PayPal gives donors the option to donate using a PayPal account.

Funds donated with PayPal will not impact your Anedot balance and will be received in different transfers.

Note: PayPal funds will not be automatically split with associated vendor accounts like other funding sources.

Get Started

To enable PayPal on your forms, go to Settings > Integrations > PayPal.

From there you can add a PayPal merchant account that will receive the funds. You can sign up for a new account or use an existing one, but the PayPal merchant account should be used exclusively in connection with a single Anedot fundraising account.

The email address for the PayPal merchant account must be confirmed for PayPal before we can enable the integration.

Within a few minutes, the status of the integration should begin to appear as enabled and PayPal will appear as a payment option on all eligible donation forms.

Removing Integration

By revoking access to Anedot from your account's settings on the PayPal website, you will disable the integration and PayPal will no longer appear as a payment option on your donation forms.

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