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Sendy is an email marketing platform that allows you to send newsletters through Amazon SES. Our integration with Sendy relays the following Action Page data:

  • Financial Pages - relays all donation details and custom field information.

  • Non-Financial Pages - we do not send relays for this information.

  • Push Unsent (failed donations, all donations) + date range for relays works for all Action Pages, regardless of page type.
    To connect the accounts, you will want to:

  1. Select which Action Pages you want to sync with Sendy (default: all Action Pages).

  2. If you'd like, you can add Action Pages you want to be excluded from syncing with Sendy (by ID, multiple values must be comma separated).

  3. Enter your URL.

  4. Enter a List ID.

  5. Once you save the credentials, you are all set!

Sendy Payload Example

Request Headers


Request Body

{ "list": "[REDACTED]", "name": "John Smith", "email": "[email protected]", "silent": "true", "boolean": "true" }

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