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SendPulse is an email marketing software provider used to email and manage supporters.

Our integration sends data collected from Action Pages to SendPulse's system.

You will need your List ID, Client ID, and Secret Key to connect Anedot to SendPulse.

The List ID will be the number in the URL when you look at a Mailing List in SendPulse. You will want to click Mailing Lists and then the list you want to send data to in order to get this List ID number.

The Client ID and Secret Key can be found in SendPulse by going to Account Settings and then API.

If you receive an error, please contact our Support team here and attach an image of the error message you have received for further assistance.

SendPulse Payload Example

"emails": [{
"email": "[email protected]",
"variables": {
"zip": "70130",
"city": "New Orleans",
"date": "2022-12-27T22:28:12.800Z",
"name": "Annie Dot",
"phone": "5555555555",
"state": "LA",
"amount": 9.0,
"street": "1231 Prytania Street",
"street2": null

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