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RumbleUp is a human-powered 2-way texting platform that works at scale. You can upload your contacts, write a message, assign texters, track responses, and spark conversations.

You can learn more about that using RumbleUp's knowledge base article here:

Connect Anedot to RumbleUp

  1. Go to the Integrations directory and select RumbleUp.

  2. Enable RumbleUp.

  3. Copy your designed Action Page UID.

  4. Go into RumbleUp and create or edit a message.

  5. At the bottom of the message screen, you will see an "Integrations" section.

  6. Enable the Anedot integration and enter the following:

    1. Anedot Campaign UID: enter your Page UID that you copied in step 3.

    2. Keyword: keyword for donors to opt-in for donations. Default is "YES"

    • all “YES” (or specific keyword) responses will be automatically tagged as donations by RumbleUp.

    1. Donation Amount: default donation amount that you want people to donate (whole numbers only). If you want people to donate a specific amount (say $10) then RU advises to specify the amount. Otherwise, they suggest leaving this field blank or setting it to 0.

RumbleUp message screen with Anedot integration enabled

7. Set up pre-approved responses in RumbleUp (see RU documentation, for more details or the screenshot below).

Data Relays

We do not currently have relays for RumbleUp. It's exclusive purpose is to allow the "text-to-donate" feature through RU.

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