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Anedot's integration with Mailchimp sends leads and donations to the platform for Action Pages.

You can connect Anedot to Mailchimp by going to Settings>Integrations.

You will need to find the following in Mailchimp:

If you need more help finding your Audience ID or your API Key, please get in touch with Mailchimp's Technical Support.

Audience Fields and *|MERGE|* tags

When creating your "Audience fields and |MERGE| tags" (Audience > View Contacts > Settings > Audience fields and |MERGE| tags), you will need to match our list of Field Tags exactly.

Here is the list of Field Tags available:

  • "FNAME"

  • "LNAME"

  • "PHONE"

  • "STREET"

  • "STREET2"

  • "CITY"

  • "STATE"








  • "EVENT"

  • "AMOUNT"




Please note that you do not have to add all of these tags, this is simply a list of what is available for you to use.

Additionally, the "field type" (email, text, phone, etc.) must also match as seen in the screenshot above.

Custom Fields

All Custom Fields added to an Action Page and saved on the submission can be relayed along with the standard data. In order for you to see Custom Field data in Mailchimp, care must be taken to include the additional Merge Tags as noted in the Guide above.

The Merge Tag name MUST be identical to the tag name we send in the data, which will be reformatted from the Custom Field Label as follows:

  1. Locate your Custom Field Label within the Action Page Builder. Select Form, then edit your Custom Field.

  2. Remove all spaces and special characters.

  3. Only include the first 10 characters and use uppercase lettering.


    • Custom Field Label: "Which feature would you like to learn more about?"

    • Merge Tag name sent to Mailchimp: WHICHFEATU

This is done to format the names following Mailchimp standards and validations.

If you have multiple Custom Field Labels that begin with the same first 10 characters, you may need to update the additional Custom Field Labels to have unique characters within the first 10 characters.

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