Login and click "Transactions" in the Navigation.

If you need help finding the Transactions area please refer to the Getting Around article.

A void may be issued before 8 PM EST the same day that the donation takes place. Fees are returned if a void is completed. 

A refund can be issued after the void cutoff has passed. Fees are not returned if a refund is completed. 

Steps to issue Void/Refund:

1. Click the [...] button on the line of the desired donation.

2. Click Void/Refund

(Note: "Void" will appear in the place of "Refund" if issuing a Void is possible)

3. A confirmation box will pop up, click "OK" to refund or "Cancel" if you do not wish to issue a refund.

4. After clicking "OK", you will notice that the refund has been issued in the transaction history.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at: (225) 250-1301.

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