Any campaigns that are created in your Anedot dashboard can be shared via mobile, web and social networks. The following instructions will guide you through posting a campaign on a Facebook page.

Note: Facebook recently updated rules to not allow pages with less than 2,000 likes to add custom apps.

Adding Donations to Facebook (2018)

1. Create/Edit Facebook Page to ensure you are setup as a Nonprofit Organization

  a) Click "About" in the sidebar of your page.
  b) Click "Edit" next to Category and type "Nonprofit Organization", choose Nonprofit, then type a sub-type such as church, school, public figure or politician.
  c) Click "Save"

Next, click Donate or Add Call to Action Button or Add Button (depicted below, may appear differently).

Then, select Shop with you or make a donation. Then, Donate. Proceed using the next button.

Click Website Link, add your Anedot Share URL (Learn how to find your share url.) then click Save.

Click Finish.

Your donate button will now link to your Anedot donation form!

See below how this donation button also works on mobile devices!


Legacy: Custom Facebook App (desktop only)

Before getting started, make sure you have the following set up:


  • Create a Facebook account
  • Create a Facebook page to host your form
  • Be sure you are logged in to Facebook


  • Set up Campaign that will be displayed on Facebook

Adding a form to a Facebook page

  • (Facebook) Log in to your Facebook account
  • (Anedot) Log in to your Anedot account
  • (Anedot) Click on the Campaigns in the Navigation.
  • (Anedot) In the list of campaigns, click "View" next to the Campaign you'd like to add to Facebook
  • (Anedot) In the sidebar click the "Add to Facebook Page" option
  • (Facebook) When redirected to Facebook, login if not already and select the option to "Add Anedot"
  • (Facebook) Select which FaceBook page you'd like to add your form to and click "Add Page Tab". (if applicable)

End Result

Once the Anedot app for donations has been added to your Facebook page, visitors will have the option to donate to your Cause. Clicking the Donate tab will display the campaign form.

     To remove the app:
     a) Click "Settings" toward the top right of your FaceBook page.
     b) Click "Edit page" tab toward the left of the page.
     c) Scroll down, click "Settings" next to "Donate".
     d) Click "Edit Settings".
     e) Click "Remove".
      f) Click "OK".


 1. You can rearrange your tabs on the left side of the page by clicking "Manage Tabs" as seen above. 

2. You can locate, copy, and share your FaceBook Donate Tab URL on the "Manage Tabs" page by clicking "Settings" next to the Donate section and then "Copy URL".

3. If you ever need to change the campaign attached to your Facebook page, click either of the Donate tabs. Now click "Manage Form Settings". Select which campaign you'd like to attach from the drop down menu on the next page and then click "Save".

Send us a message if you have any questions!

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